Why ♥ Love The Garage

The Garage is open every night of the year! This gives us 365 reasons to love Glasgow’s biggest, busiest and best nightclub!

Established in 1994, The Garage started with an ambitious vision. Owner Donald Macleod announced that he wanted to ‘make it the biggest and best there is’.

Twenty-four years and a bawbag of a hurricane later, The Garage has become a Glaswegian rite of passage, primarily known for being the most popular student venue in Scotland.

Our nightclub and live music venue has become one of Glasgow’s landmarks, loved by many. Here we take a minute to appreciate what lies behind that bright yellow truck and the madness that is The Garage.

10. You will always find someone you know

(and if you don’t, you’lll make new pals!)

9. A bouncy castle? In a nightclub?... Absolutely!

For anyone who isn’t sure what to expect when visiting The Garage, expect the unexpected. With the weekly appearance of a bouncy castle and beer pong table, the club has also notoriously experimented with hot tubs, air hockey and twister. There’s even been the occasional appearance of a ride on bull, surf simulator or even a dinosaur for special events!

8. How many rooms does this place have?!

This place is a maze! With five different rooms, open in various combinations over the seven nights, it’s easy to understand why it’s Glasgow’s biggest nightclub. Whatever music you’re into, it’s almost guaranteed to be playing somewhere in the building.

7. The place never closes!

Hurricane? Snow? WW3? No matter what, The Garage keeps it’s doors open!

When we say 365 days a year, we mean it!

10 Reasons We Love The Garage
10 Reasons We Love The Garage

6. LET U5 1N!

Arguably the truck has become one of Glasgow’s landmarks! As recognisable as the Duke of Wellington and his cone (leave the cone alone!). The yellow truck is just another of Glasgow’s iconic images. It is even part of the open-top bus tours now! It even get’s dressed up for special occasions!

5. Helping local bands grow!

The gigs can’t not be mentioned when we’re talking about reasons to love The Garage. Contributing to Glasgow’s already huge music scene, our venue helps mark the success of local bands who can see their progression as they move from booking the Jack Daniels Attic Bar, to G2, to G1 (Main Hall).

4. Security that keeps you safe!

Whether you’ve just got a wee bit carried away or there’s someone bothering you, the security are always there to help so you can enjoy your night and not need to worry!

10 Reasons We Love The Garage

3. Pot Noodle Night? Aye, alright then

Anything goes, and this has been proven on numerous occasions whether it be the a themed night (seriously, who comes up with a Cheesy Pasta night?!) or the giveaways… Tequila doughnut anyone?

2. The light shows

Lazors, CO2 Cannons, Video Walls….

In recent years, the venue has massively upped their game when it comes to visual experiences! If it’s a planned to be a big event, you know you won’t be disappointed!

1. People Make Garage

Club-goers, gig-goers, bartenders, glass-collectors, maintenance, managers, PR’s, DJ’s, face-painters and dinosaurs.

Whoever you are, it’s the people who make The Garage, Glasgow’s best.

The Garage nights are constantly evolving! Keep an eye on The Garage Club Nights to stay up to date.

Each year The Garage hosts over 200 gigs. Visit The Garage website for all gig listings.

Alternatively, if you prefer rock/ alternative music and events, keep an eye on our sister club – Cathouse Rock Club for their nights, gigs and events!


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