Choose from 3 iconic venues or utilise the venue as a whole.

The Garage

A flexible space for live music and events

The hall can be transformed for ceilidhs, staff functions, food festivals, corporate events and more. All bars are stocked with premium brands of alcohol and soft drinks alike. Separated by a thick curtain, the adjoining bar can extend the capacity to 900 patrons or offer a secluded area for drinks receptions, buffets or press. Above the hall, the famous mezzanine contains a private bar, spacious booths and a AV booth.


Ideal for medium-sized events, with a capacity of 350 people.

A large bar stretches along the left side of the hall with booths lining the right. In front of the stage, there is ample space for dancing, 

The Attic

Most intimate space

The top floor opens into the cherished attic bar. With a cosy atmosphere, the small stage is aptly suited for networking, live music and drink receptions.


Main Bar

Adjoining The Garage, Main Bar is equipped to host drink receptions, catered buffets, press or as an additional backstage area.

Desperados Bar

Located adjacent to the cash desk, Desperados Bar is perfect for drinks receptions, canapes or for registration purposes.

Cocktail Bar

Connected to Desperados Bar, the Cocktail Bar is a great addition for larger events. The arched ceiling creates a cosy and intimate atmosphere.


Gig Bookings

Private Events